The Ultimate 3-Day Speaking Mastery Retreat
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $1,997 $997 $497
Just 1 Payment of $497 (SAVE $1,500 - Normally $1,997!)
Are You an Entrepreneur or Thought Leader?
Are you someone who spends your creative energy wishing and hoping you will achieve your vision by speaking from the podium or virtually? 

Is your powerful, persuasive speaking voice for getting your business known waiting to be set free? 

Do you want to overcome the blocks that keep you stuck – struggling, stressed, and fearful? 

Would you like to speak your message with power, passion, and purpose? 

Are you ready to expand your influence and take your business meant for a higher purpose to the next level? 

LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE A PRO – and expand your influence.  Leverage your passion, your personality, and your presence using proven formulas, strategies, and techniques.

LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE A PRO is the Ultimate 3-Day Speaking
Mastery Retreat for 
driven entrepreneurs who are ready to use their gift and message to create a greater impact in the world.
I know you. I’ve been where you are. You are a speaker-in-waiting - waiting to burst forth in the most authentic, impactful way.

You didn’t choose your path. Your passion—for your product or service that assists others—chose you to bring your business to the attention of the world. Now you have a choice to either expand to a greater version of you or stay stuck where you are.

Ah, but I know you. You’re a risk taker. You have a bigger vision. You won’t ignore the call. You won’t turn your back on the work it takes to transform your wish into a reality. You believe in your heart that you have a higher purpose. You haven’t given up on your dream—and that your voice to share it needs expression.

But use an excuse and ignore that voice calling to be expressed long enough, and you run the risk of dying with your music still inside of you. 

Writer Rafael Sabatini wrote: Regret of neglected opportunity is the worst hell that a living soul can inhabit.

Most thought leaders don’t know they’re standing in their own way. They know they and their business have a higher purpose, but the fear of speaking and the lack of knowledge regarding what to do and how to do it keeps them stuck – struggling, stressed, and fearful.

Alone, we each can feel inadequate, overwhelmed, even like an impostor, afraid to be discovered as not belonging in the arena at all! Achieving the dream seems nearly impossible!

I want to support you and your ability to speak the message of your business that is meant to serve others and fulfill on a higher purpose.

Don’t be fooled. This program isn’t for everyone. This program is for you if you are 100% committed to your own success and are ready to grow yourself and your business to the highest potential by standing up, speaking out, and getting your message into the world. 

Join me at Learn to Speak Like a Pro - The Ultimate Mastery Retreat in June!
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $1,997 $997 $497
Just 1 Payment of $497 (SAVE $1,500 - Normally $1,997!)
“Don’t cheat the world of your contribution. Give it what you’ve got.” - Steven Pressfield
"The World Is Waiting For Your Expertise, It's Your Time To Shine.“

What Others Say...
“Your techniques are like magic. Taking space and getting present have proven hugely successful for me. I’m now being paid attention. At meetings, people are actually waiting for me to speak. And your recommendation to tell my own stories has made my audiences so much more interested in what I’m saying – and I’m having so much
more fun! I feel like they allow ME to come through. Your techniques have done wonders for me.” - MD

“I can’t thank you enough for your help on my presentation to Ford Motor Company. I would never have been able to get across what I needed and wanted in the time I was allotted without your help. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who has to give an important presentation—you get results!” - Entrepreneur

“Mary Jane Mapes speaking skills program – an overwhelming success –resulted in a demand to have her back again and again. Her captivating presence and poise, and her ability to keep people riveted and involved is a lesson in itself. Her sessions are fun and energizing, her methods are easy, and her ability to coach and encourage builds confidence and a willingness to risk! Mary Jane has taught our people how to save valuable prep time, speak with clarity and conviction, and get others to take action. Hands down, an excellent investment of time and money!” – Training Coordinator

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your class was one of the best I’ve ever taken. It was rigorous, fun and so worth the investment .... Thank you for giving me tools to help me manage the anxiety I have before presenting and for the formulas on how to put an effective presentation together. By having a clear message, I’ll actually be less
nervous.” – Dir. Talent Acquisition

“You helped me more than I could have imagined. As an expert in the field of speaking and as someone with a true passion for what you do, with your coaching, I have a deeper understanding and refined my approach to preparing presentations which are key to my professional and personal relationships. You truly are an amazing individual who made an impact in my life.” – Dir. of Sustainability

YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $1,997 $997 $497
Just 1 Payment of $497 (SAVE $1,500 - Normally $1,997!)
For Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders Who Want To Stand Out and Turn Their Vision into Reality Through Passionate & Persuasive Speaking
When you attend LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE A PRO you will quickly notice something here is different. Everything about the retreat - from the venue, the environment, the program content, to your fellow participants - is designed with a single purpose: To support you to create your power to Influence and Persuade from the platform, in meetings, and in life – to Stand Out and Make a Difference!
The time to do it is now.
Speaking with Power, Passion, and Presence…
taking your career to the NEXT LEVEL  
  •  How to go from “WannaBe” to “Standout Speaker”! Unlock the BEST Speaking Strategies and choose the most valuable techniques that work for you.
  •  How to go from jitters, jumpiness and heebie-jeebies to Passionate Presenter. Discover how to use the P-E-P Formula to turn anxiety into energy that reaches into your audience and gets people involved.
  •  Discover how the Power of PRESENCE packs a wallop. Allow YOUR authentic self to communicate the power of your passion.
  •  Discover how to CAPTURE the head and the heart of your attendee or listener for maximum engagement. LEARN the secrets to connect with your audience, both on the speaking podium and in virtual events.

  •  How to become a TRANSFORMATIONAL storyteller and create an atmosphere of intimacy and massive impact. Find out where and why to capture your UNIQUE experiences, adding AUTHENTICITY that compels people to listen. 

  •  How the INTENT to be open, to connect, to be passionate and to listen will endear you to your attendees or listeners as an authentic and on-purpose presenter on the podium. 
  •  TAP INTO the funny side of you (even if you’re not that funny) and use humor as the great equalizer, the unity builder, and a source of playfulness and spontaneity. Anybody can do it – and with little or no effort. Learn how. 
  •  Discover how to CRAFT a powerful, content-rich talk so attendees gain instant value from your insights and can’t wait to tell their tribe about your program. The best part is they become ENTHUSIASTIC fans, eager to work with you when the event is over.
  •  Secrets to mastering the Art of Speaking Like a Pro (how to go beyond being good to being superb!)
  •  And you’ll get to practice your new skills and a whole lot more!
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $1,997 $997 $497
Just 1 Payment of $497 (SAVE $1,500 - Normally $1,997!)
The Ultimate 3-Day Speaking Mastery Retreat
Friday, August 9th to Sunday, August 11th
Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport Hotel
Detroit, Michigan 

We have negotiated a special room rate of only $109 per night.  The hotel offers a free shuttle service from the airport.  Space is LIMITED, Register now to secure your seat.
This Powerful 3 Day Live Speaking Mastery Retreat includes:
  • Learn To Speak Like a Pro: The LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE A PRO ON-LINE e-LEARNING PROGRAM - a COMPLETE video series training program with speaking templates, strategies, and techniques to help develop your skill as a speaker. ($2997 value)  
  •  Program Workbook, Templates, PDFs and more
  • Healthy Morning Breakfast Starters with Coffee & Tea
  •  Gourmet Breaks each afternoon
  •  BONUS #1: Sample speaking contracts to take the guess work out.
  •   BONUS #2: Sample letter of confirmation to guarantee you and the meeting planner are both on the same page – and, if you like simple, this will serve as your contract, depending on the complexity you need.
  •  BONUS #3: Sample letter requesting testimonials, making the request for testimonials ultra-easy. 
  •  BONUS #4: Places to get speaking engagements.      
Seating at this event is extremely limited. This is a small intimate group for deep learning.

YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $1,997 $997 $497
Just 1 Payment of $497 (SAVE $1,500 - Normally $1,997!)
The Learn to Speak Like a Pro Online e-Learning Program.
The COMPLETE video series program with speaking templates, strategies, and techniques to help develop your skill as a speaker – providing follow-up learning to support your on-going
success. This course alone is worth the price of admission! (Value: $2997)

BONUS #1: Sample speaking contracts to take the guess work out.

BONUS #2: Sample letter of confirmation to guarantee you and the meeting planner are both on the same page – and, if you like simple, this will serve as your contract, depending on the complexity you need.

BONUS #3: Sample letter requesting testimonials, making the ask ultra-easy.

BONUS #4: Places to get speaking engagements.

BONUS #5: Sample introductions to ensure your introduction connects with the audience, reinforces your purpose for being there, and guarantees you credibility before you open your mouth to speak

YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $1,997 $997 $497
Just 1 Payment of $497 (SAVE $1,500 - Normally $1,997!)
Here's What Others Have To Say.... 

“You have completely rewired my thinking about what I’m capable of doing.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your class was one of the best I’ve ever taken. It was rigorous, fun and so worth the investment …!”

" I was absolutely mesmerized by you the entire course. You have an innate elegance and poise ….what a wonderful teacher you are … the class was a real treat…. and I learned so much!"  

Your Coach & CEO of The Aligned Leader Institute, LLC
Mary Jane Mapes is one of only 332 women in the world to hold the CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, credential earned for a proven track record in the field of speaking. She is also an author of three top selling books and an executive coach. 

Mary Jane works with professionals who want to create success as a speaking professional, design, develop, and deliver winning presentations through her Learn to Speak Like a Professional training program.

She has helped thousands of aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs with her proprietary speaking formulas and game plans used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and leaders in Fortune 500 to build a professional speaking career and add to the success. 

Learning to Speak Like a Pro is a critical piece of the puzzle to share your message with the world and create a greater impact. 
Your Questions Answered...
What stage of my speaking career do I need to be in to attend? 

All of my proprietary speaking formulas will support you in your speaking, your leadership, and career, at what ever level you start at. Many attendees have some speaking experience and all are passionate about learning to SPEAK LIKE A PRO!

What are the Dates of the LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE A PRO Event? 

Day 1: Friday, August 9th, from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Registration at 8:30 AM)
Day 2: Saturday, August 10th, from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Day 3: Sunday, August 11th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Will there be a lot of participants? 

No, this is a small intimate event designed for deep dive learning and hands on coaching and teaching from Mary Jane in person.   You will learn my proven LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE A PRO strategies and you'll walk out feeling ready to propel your speaking career.

Will I be required to come prepared with something to present?

No, however, should you have something you’d like to present, by all means bring that with you. There will be an opportunity for you to present and receive one-on-one coaching. We’ll be zeroing in on the little things that most people are never taught that make the BIG difference. 

Will this event be recorded? 

No, although you will receive an online e-learning program when you attend.  This will provide you even more valuable information to help you design, develop, and deliver a winning speech, including everything from how to get and keep people engaged from start to finish, to how to use 9 different types of pauses to add color, beauty, and impact to your words, to rhetorical devices that keep people riveted, to fielding questions with finesse, and so much more. Mine is not a one-shot event, but rather a way for you to continue learning after the event is over and you’ve forgotten my name. This program will be in place to support your on-going success!!!
Refund Policy: Due to the limited number of seats, all registrations are final. There are no refunds or chargebacks for non-participation or cancellations and your registration fee may be applied to a future retreat, event or program within 12 months. Results from use of the learnings at this event will vary participant by participant.  

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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